GMO Myths & Truths

gmo-myths-and-truths-2nd-editionAn evidence-based examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops. This 2nd edition 2014 document is prepared by the preeminent researchers and scientists John Fagan, PhD, Michael Antoniou, PhD and Claire Robinson, MPhil.

Based on the evidence presented in this report, there is no need to take risks with GM crops. Effective and sustainable solutions already exist without the need for GM technology. Conventional plant breeding, in some cases helped by safe modern technologies like gene mapping and marker assisted selection, continues to outperform GM in producing high-yield, drought-tolerant, and pest- and disease-resistant crops that can meet our present and future food needs.

This report is both in-depth, and yet easy to read with “at a glance” boxes for quick facts.

Click here to download a PDF of GMO Myths & Truths.

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